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Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


After I purchased my handgun, I never had the opportunity to use it. I took John's Basic Pistol class and now im confident in going to the range and shooting safe.

                                       - Jimmy R -
                                      Roseville, CA


My wife has always been fearful of having a gun in or around the house. After seeing Johns ads in the paper, we both took the course. Now my wife enjoys shooting (and shes even a better shot than me). Soon we will be taking some of his advanced protection courses. Thanks for the confidence John!

                                      - Tom E -
                                     Sacramento, CA


John and Rob and his assistant instructors were very sharp. It was obvious that they teach alot of gun classes. They covered everything imaginable about guns and I only had a couple of questions, which was answered in great detail. This was my first time ever shooting a gun, and now I plan to go target shooting often.

                                     - Elena T - 
                                    Rocklin, CA


I really enjoyed the Womens only Basic Pistol class!!  I just moved here from another state where crime wasn't so bad. Now I live in a pretty bad area of Sacramento with gang violence and drug activity. Then there was a shooting on a street nearby. Now I feel the need to protect myself and my children. I heard about this special gun course for women. I loved the course and it was real easy to follow. During the course, I was offered the opportunity to try out shooting different guns. This helped me determine that the gun which I liked best was the Sig Sauer. I went out and bought a Sig Sauer 45 the next day (the 10 day wait), and go target shooting often. Please enroll me in your next Personal Protection Inside the Home class.  I will tell all my friends and co-workers about your classes.

                                    - Shantell -
                                   Sacramento, CA 


Thanks John, for your help and patience in class. It was a great class. Since I took your class, there was a murder right here in my great little lovely town. It just goes to show you that violent crimes can happen to anybody and anywhere. At least im prepared to face any circumstances now since i took your class. Please enroll me in your next CCW class.

                                   - E. S. -
                                  Lincoln, CA  


Hi John.  Thank you for the wealth of information from my most recent course with you. The Personal Protection Outside the Home course can very indeed be a life saver for anybody that carries a concealed weapons permit.  I learned so much that I feel would be able to defend myself accordingly in a situation, although I hope the time never arises. I will continue to refer you to friends and family. After being a CCW holder for more than 4 years, I learned more just out of your basic pistol course than I had ever known before. I wish I had taken your course 4 years ago.

                                   - Lorraine R - 
                                  Antelope, CA 


Your Utah CFP class was great! I was rather impressed with your teaching methods and techniques (as I am a recently retired Law Enforcement Captain and former Field Training Officer myself, in the past). A+ for a job well done.

                                   - Gene -




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