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Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms



 CA CCW Permits 

CA CCW instruction is offered with Best Handgun Training, by appointment only.  Call or email for more information. Contact us here.  

Best Handgun Training will be instructing CA CCW training courses for the following counties: 

El Dorado County CCW (8 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

Nevada County CCW (8 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

Placer County CCW (8 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

Sacramento County CCW (16 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

Sutter County CCW (8 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

Yuba County CCW (8 hour initial course, 4 hour renewal)

All courses are at a minimum of these required hours, and may go beyond the minimum hours required.

Prior to scheduling a CA CCW training course, you must contact the instructor for an initial "pre-screening" evaluation.


Unlike most states, CA is a "may issue" state when it comes to Concealed Weapons Permits.

California CCW permits are generally issued by the Sheriff of the county which you reside or work in.

The Sheriff of the county which you are applying in will determine if "good cause" exists for the issuance of the permit. The Sheriff or his/her designee has the ultimate authority whether to issue you the CCW, or deny the CCW. 

Of the 58 counties in CA, some Sheriff's departments down right refuse to issue CA CCW permits.  There are others that respect our 2nd Ammendment rights, and issue a permit to law abiding citizens with good cause. There are other counties that consider personal protection as good enough cause (very rare, so confirm with our instructors before you register for a course).

Each county has their specific training requirements to obtain your CA CCW permit.  The CCW training may differ from county to county as well. 

While it is possible (in some areas) to obtain a CCW permit in CA from your local police department, it is more common for the police department to refer you to the local Sheriff. 

The Sheriff's department approves CCW trainers within the county.  Depending upon the county that you reside or are applying in, CCW training consists of 8-16 hours for an original CCW permit, and 4-8 hours for a renewal.  The original CCW permit is not valid for a period of longer than 2 years, and must be renewed prior to the 2 year expiration.   

For more information, visit this link. 



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