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Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Best Handgun Training


About the Chief Firearms Instructor


John Taylor, the Chief Firearms Instructor and President/CEO of Best Handgun Training, was introduced to the sport of target shooting at the age of 12. He was raised with aggressive gun safety and shooting skills. After attending the P.O.S.T. Police Academy, he became a Life Member of the National Rifle Association.

For over 30 years, he has enjoyed and participated in the many sports of shooting activities. Beyond teaching his professional academies and instructions, John had the privilege of teaching many friends, family members, associates and colleagues to shoot safely and skillfully.

Prior to obtaining professional licensing and certification, over the years, John has observed both carelessness and negligence with persons discharging firearms at public ranges.  This boils down to simply one thing....  The lack of the proper training required to shoot safely and skillfully. All of us have heard of gun "accidents" close to home, and it is John's personal agenda to inform and educate as many people as possible, to avoid these kind of accidental shootings (negligence or carelessness), injuries or fatalities.

John became a Certified Instructor with the National Rifle Association in disciplines, including Basic Pistol and Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside The Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Home Firearms Safety and the "Refuse To Be A Victim ®".

John is a CCW Instructor for the State of Utah, certified through the Bureau of Criminal Identification. He currently instructs Non-Resident CCW courses for 32 "Shall-Issue" states, through the various NRA programs and disciplines, as well as the state of Utah.

John is currently certified through the CA Department of Justice (DOJ) as a Firearms Safety Instructor.  He offers HSC tests and certifications (Handgun Safety Certificates which are required to purchase or transfer a firearm within the State of California).

John is an active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors,  the National Rifle Association, the California Rangemasters Association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, the Lincoln Rifle Club, the Folsom Shooting Club, and the United States Concealed Carry Association.

He had maintained managerial and administrative support positions for various state agencies within the State of CA, such as the CDF (Cal-Fire), Department of Fish and Game, and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  John also has extensive experience in other positions such as Security Guard, Loss Prevention, Firefighter/EMT, Retail Management, and he also served a four year term as elected City Council Member of the City of Grass Valley. He is President/CEO of several nationwide businesses, from Real Estate sales to housing rehabilitations.

Although John continues to operate in the capacity of President/CEO with his other businesses, he has trained Management Teams which primarily manage the day-to-day operations of his companies.  This has allowed him to do what he loves - Firearms Safety, NRA Courses and CCW instruction courses. 

John has undergone many local, state and federal background checks with various agencies.  John personally conducts background checks on any Instructor affiliated with Best Handgun Training, and all Instructors must successfully complete and pass a background check before becoming a Certified Instructor.



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